Small Roro Ice class 1A

Strictly private we hold this small RoRo with straight stern ramp and side door for sale.(not officially for sale)

Open North Sea beg January 2016 (presently in disp owners own service)

mv TBN (Ice Class 1A)

Blt 1990 at J.J Sietas, Germany

LOA/Beam 107m/17.00m

Dwt 4.416mt on abt 6.07m (dwcc abt 4.200 mt) GT/NT 5.562/1.845

1216 Sqm on RoRo deck (mdk)

LoLo to wdk

Side Door with two lift platforms serving mdk and lower hole

3 hatches:

n°1: 25.20m x 14,5m (narrowing to 10.26m)

n°2: 12.60m x 10.10m

n°2: 25.20m x 14.50m

Total container capo abt 294 teu or 128 feu Hold capacity: Lower hold 3.076 m3 RoRo Deck (mdk): 6.844 m3

Deck strength: lower hold 8ts/sqm, RoRo deck 4mt/sqm, Hatches 1,7mt/sqm

abt 14.5 kts on abt 14 ts IFO 180 with shaft gen connected Vessel may use GO when manoeuvering in port Consumption abt 0.8ts GO when idle and abt 2.8ts GO when working -all dets abt and wog-

A sister to abv may as well be developed. We can guide close and hold more details here.

Plsd to hear

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