Triton Shipping AB was founded in the summer of 1988 by Capt Stig Sjöberg and Ch.Eng Bengt Werthwein. The first cargo vessel was purchased at this time named Rania. It was a 2200 tdw drycargo vessel and was flying the Swedish flag. Since that time Triton Shipping AB has owned and managed over 20 Dry Cargo vessels and 20 Super/Expedition and Offshore ships.

In 1993 the Chartering office in Köge DK WindShipping ApS was founded with  partner and Director; mr Peter Wind. This office has been a great success and charters many exclusive dry cargo vessels today having 5 persons working full time.  The shares owned in Windshipping APS where all sold in 2006.

From 3 up to 7 vessels simultaneously  are managed from this office. Since 1997 we managed Explorer/Expedition, MegaYacht and Offshore type ships. At present this has become core activitity as well as the Sale & Purchase team making good progress in tanker and offshore segments in addition to Drycargo ship sales.

Quality Shipbrokers

TC and Trip Chrtr, mainly timber from the Baltic, are still a part of our activities however of a less extent than earlier.

Sale & Purchase: Nowadays one can discern different levels of shipbroking , some just forward messages and enquiries on the internet. A long experience of sailing, owning and managing ships is essential to an assured guidance where confidence and knowhow is our trademark. Selective contacts with shipowners and clients ensures a reliable outcome of the transaction. Proper legal customary documentation of a S&P agreement is also imperative for a sound implementation. In addition, having the competence of positioning ships with , Cargo, crewing, bunkers, insurance , ISM , Class and Flag it gives our clients a shortcut to a smooth settlement of the purchase affair.

-Offshore Brokerage

Triton Shipping AB provided Technical Management for Offshore supply ships of various types since about 2 decades now.  We have during these years gained experience and a wide range of Contacts within the segment. Today our Sale & Purchase team is highly dedicated in providing assistance for making successful transfers on both 2nd hand Offshore vessels and the contracting of New Building units of various types.

After being present in the area since 2005 we found the need for opening an Offshore development office in Asia. This office was established during the early days of 2009 and is located in the South of Thailand with the following contact details:

56 mou 5 Khanom Beach Rd, 80210 Nakonsitammarat, Thailand

same emails…local phn +6683 6453121

Via this office we are now able to cover and give the best service to our many Clients in the Far East area.


-Wind Energy at Sea.

As some of our close owners vessels are working in the Wind Energy Sector, this has now become an important activity. The Ocean Eagle is working on a long term charter in the North Sea on Windparks and Koningin Juliana just returned from another charter. We can say we earned by now a deep, good knowledge and experience of the various tasks and problems encountered when working offshore with Windfarming and how to deal with them.


The Head Office is situated in the Ocean Port of Helsingborg with a wonderful veiw over the harbour and sound.

When requested we can include to service your ships as agents and arrange clearance for calling all ports in the Helsingborg , Hoganas, Landskrona and Malmoe port areas.