72 Meter Explorer / Multipurpose Vessel for Exclusive Sale

72 Meter Explorer / Multipurpose Vessel for Sale with central agency held by us.

Built 1970 by Mjellem & Karlsen Norway for Norwegian Government as Fisheries inspection vessel.

Currently lying in a shipyard where conversion was undergoing.

The transformation to a Luxury Adventure Vessel was halted after  double digit millions of Euros

had been spent. Almost everything apart from main engine and the drive train has been

replaced including all wiring, electric systems, pumps, piping and hydraulics. She can be now begin

the final stages of her rebuild. Approximately 80% total has been completed.

* Extremely rugged and proven ocean going vessel

* Currently configured with 4 luxury suites (+ Crew) but can be reconfigured to purpose

* 1 x Rolls Royce / Bergen main Engine 1655kW rebuilt 2015

* Bow and Stern thrusters

* 8 ton A-Frame

* 6+ ton Helipad ( folding )

*Dimensions:  71.80  / 13 / 5 meters

Location: Northern Europe

Pricewise try 3.100.000 Euro ( as is where is )