Technical Management

Holding the valid Document of Compliance issued by INSB Triton Shipping AB is fully compliant with the ISM, and ISPS codes of SOLAS and MLC 2006.
Presently holding the following vessels under Technical and crewing Management:


Sarsen,StVincent Flag Expedition/MegaYacht GT 1658, 70mLOA, located in Europe

Tuizidi, St Kitts & Nevis Flag Daypax 800/600 GT 3638, 74,38m LOA, located WC Africa

Kydy Sea, Togo flag, Offshore Tug/Supply,  GT2704,  81,50m LOA, Located Canada

Ngol Dande1, Togo Flag , Tanker, DWT 6512, GT 3984  , 109,50m LOA, Located W Afr

Ngol Bengo, Togo Flag , Tanker , DWT 4999, GT 3233, 101,80m LOA, Located W Afr

Ngol Cunene, Togo Flag, Tanker,  DWT 1240, GT 737 , 65,80 m LOA , Located W Afr


DP, Capt Stig Martin Sjoeberg

CSO is Mr Ove Semborg